Academic Approach

Our academic programme encourages students to engage proactively in their own distinctive learning journeys.

Our educational philosophy is that through opportunity and challenge, each student has the chance to explore the world and develop her unique talent in a safe environment. We focus on the skills necessary to develop critical, passionate, life-long learners.

From Grade 1, the girls are introduced to the Independent Educational Board’s (IEB) philosophy of thinking and learning. An IEB approach at Preparatory School level aims to develop both academic rigour and learning skills. It is through developmental assessment that the teaching and learning approach leads to self-efficacy.

A common language and shared approach to learning and assessment creates a strong platform for academic excellence at the secondary level. To facilitate this, our girls commence their High School journeys as meaning makers, having already been schooled in the values of communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.

The Preparatory School has introduced Project Based Learning (PBL) as a means of creating authentic learning opportunities. Open ended, complex and engaging questions are posed in order for students to investigate and explore a wide range of subjects over an extended period of time. Students therefore take ownership of their own learning and gather information both independently and collaboratively.

Problem-solving techniques are taught across the curriculum. Our Mathematics approach is based on the Number Sense programme and the girls leave school with a knowledge and understanding of different strategies with which to interrogate and solve problems. This approach has seen our girls excel in the national and international benchmark assessments they have written.

A focus on the integration of technology as an integral 21st century tool of learning has seen an increase in the use of computers and IPADS in the classrooms. While the role and influence of the teacher in the classroom cannot be underestimated, technology provides immediate access to current information and knowledge. Together with ongoing, comprehensive education on cyber safety, our girls learn valuable lessons about using devices in a positive and responsible manner.


We know the worth of water. Be water wise.

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