June 9, 2017

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09 June 2017

Dear Preparatory School Parents and Guardians

Surviving the “biggest storm in thirty years“ this week proved incredibly challenging for some communities. Uppermost in my mind was how I could do my bit to save some of this deluge to help alleviate our worst drought in a hundred years.

Our girls have engaged in many conversations and lessons about wise water usage. Recently the school made the unprecedented decision of allowing the girls to wear their sports uniforms during the week to save on washing. In teaching our girls about water conservation, we hope that the lessons learned in childhood will carry into adulthood. I am always surprised and delighted by the girls’ eagerness to learn. Positive reinforcement at home also helps build a sense of pride in their actions when making water wise decisions.

At a recent chapel service, Mrs Redelinghuys encouraged the children to share their personal water-saving measures with each other, and to spread the word. Some interesting suggestions that came up afterwards included bathing in your clothes, showering to a pre-timed song of only two minutes, and pretending to be a camper by washing with soap and a damp cloth. Other ideas and interesting water facts emerged clearly gleaned from a tech-savvy generation well-equipped to look up information for themselves. I learned from them that only one percent of the earth’s water is usable for drinking, and that the UAE is considering towing an ice berg to their country to alleviate their water shortage. The school now has a water-saving idea box so don’t be alarmed if your daughter conducts a water audit in your home! As one child aptly put it: it’s fun to be a little ex-STREAM!

Our Grade 7s recently participated in an IEB bench marking assessment. The test, referred to as MATCH, stands for Measuring Abilities and Thinking Competencies for High School and is designed to do just that. It consisted of an interdisciplinary assessment consisting of two papers, one content-based and the other skills-driven. The Primary School Initiative, established by the IEB to serve the needs of Preparatory Schools, helps us to remain informed about both local and international trends in assessment practices and therefore assists us to embed them in our daily teaching practice.

Next week our girls will be celebrating a number of things. The Grade 6 and 7 girls will have the opportunity of participating in our Public Speaking Competition where topics which focus on both conservation and current political events will bring together our celebration of Earth Day and Youth Day. Not far from us, Good Hope Seminary Primary School runs a breakfast club for those children who leave home too early to eat a good meal. We would like to support this initiative by collecting boxed milk for them to add to the porridge, fruit and sandwiches provided. If you would like to support this drive, please bring a box of milk to school next week and on Thursday we will be dropping off the milk. In case you think we had forgotten about Father’s Day next Sunday, there will also be a cake sale and raffle held on Thursday, 15 June organized by the Grade 7 girls and their parents. Please support this event by bringing money for the girls’ shopping!

The end of the first semester reports will go out on the last day of school. Parents of Foundation Phase girls will be asked to make appointments with teachers via Blue Sky in that last week, while Intermediate Phase parents who are concerned with their daughter’s progress may also make an appointment. Teachers will also be inviting those parents who they would specifically like to see.

With much to look forward to, I do wish you a relaxing long weekend next week. Enjoy the celebrations and praise any inventive water-saving initiatives from your girls!

Carol te Water

Sporty Spice Day: 24 June

Please diarise the above Saturday for our annual Sporty Spice Day, run by the High School girls. It is much-enjoyed by our girls and an event for which it is well worth dropping them off at school. Letters will be sent out shortly with more information.


Congratulations to our much-loved secretary, Mrs Jappie, who became grandmother to Haajirah. She made an early appearance last week and will remain in hospital for a few weeks before coming home.

Derby Day

Thank you to all the teachers, especially Miss Cerff and Miss Block, for making our Derby Day against Cannon’s Creek, Herschel, Micklefield and Elkanah such a success. While the netball was cancelled due to rain, we were able to enjoy good hockey in a non-competitive spirit.

On Friday 12 May, our Grade 7 students were treated to a marimba performance by the Siyadlala Marimba Band from the Arboretum Primary School in Richards Bay. Their high energy performance was enjoyed by all.

Thank you to all the students in the Guitar Ensemble, the Grade 6 Orff Group and the Junior Strings for entertaining us so well at the Ensemble Evening on 24 May 2017.

Upcoming St Cyprian’s Eisteddfod

We are looking forward to the St Cyprian’s School Eisteddfod taking place on Thursday 29 June. This whole day event has music- making activities happening in various venues throughout the school. Music students earn house points through their performances. The day culminates with the Inter-House Singing competition. Students learning outside of school are welcome to participate. They need to collect a form from Mrs Gelderblom which has to be completed by their music teacher, to be returned by no later than Wednesday 14 June.

Marimba band

Congratulations to Gemma Schwendinger who passed her ABRSM Grade 3 theory examination with Distinction – 95%

Junior Strings Group

Guitar Ensemble

Grade 6 Orff group


DERBY DAY- Saturday 27 May
Despite the initial bad weather, a great day was held by all as Herschel, Micklefield, Cannon’s Creek and Elkanah joined us in a fun Hockey (B & C teams) and Netball (A & B teams) festival. Unfortunately, due to the wet conditions, the netball had to be cancelled but we were pleased that we were still able to have the U10 Netball Clinic with our new SCS ‘Into the Net’ Netball Academy. The hockey was able to continue without interruptions and at the end of the morning the ‘Players of the Day’ were nominated in each team.

Hockey Derby Day
U10 1 – Ella ten Brink
U10 2 – Malindi Cooper
U11 1 – Saskia Schincariol
U11 2 – Lethu Khanyile
U13 1 – Chloë Boswell
U13 2 – Emma Maw

Indoor Hockey
Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected to play in the PSI Nationals in July.

Tamsin & Jenna Chemaly

Short List – Beth Farara, Erin Cardo, Annablu Bergström

Rachel Biccard was also selected but unfortunately is unable to play.

U12 SHARKS: Holly Brand

SUNBIRDS: Chloe Cross

Congratulations go to Savannah Voigt who earlier participated in the Western Cape Qualifying Gala. She swam superbly and achieved four Personal Best times and five U13 WP Qualifying times.

All sport continues as normal next week and the Weekly Programme is available on Blue Sky under the Sport website tab. There will, however, be no early morning cross country for the Intermediate Phase on Monday morning (12 June) due to exams still being written. Afternoon sport carries on as normal.

Saturday 24 June: IP SPORTY SPICE DAY
This will be a fun hockey, netball & soccer day, where our High School 1st Teams, coach the Grade 4-7 girls. Letters in connection with this day will go out on Monday and will be available on Blue Sky under the Sport Website.

Venue: St Cyprian’s Sports Fields
Time: 08:00 – 11:30

Derby Day – U10 Hockey girls

Derby Day U10 Netball girls sheltering in the Life Centre

Derby Day U13 Hockey girls

U8 Cross Country girls

Savannah Voigt

U13B Hockey team

Great Readers of the week


Grade 1s Father’s Day bookmarks

Luniko Mpikashe – Gr 1 “I am eating…..”

Grade 2KB – Explored colours and patterns with their lovely lizards

Grade 2 – Hand zentangle cards

Grade 4 Roxanne Madeley – Inspired by Picasso’s “Dora Maar”

Grade 3 Pia Weakley – Laurel Burch inspired cats

Grade 5BRM – Sienna Masters, Lichtenstein inspired Pop Art Portraits

Grade 6 zentangle tree

Sophia Matterson Grade 7AC – African Masks created while understanding and exploring negative and positive space


The Chess team played an intense but enjoyable match against Jan van Riebeeck School last Friday. Our girls remained focused throughout and achieved a draw. Well done girls!

Chess against Jan van Riebeeck

BFF day was held in the Foundation Phase to recognise and celebrate the great enthusiasm and commitment displayed by ALL the girls during the recent ‘Reading Challenge’. The girls were super-excited to bring a Blanket, Fluffy toy and their Favourite treat to school.

Grade 1JLR on the ‘BFF’ day

Grade 1LPG on ‘BFF’ day

‘BFF’ Day

Grade 1LPG ‘BFF’ day

Grade 2SU on ‘BFF’ day

Maya Klose, Malia Goodman-Bhyat and Melissa Schwulst on ‘BFF’ day

Furry friends learnt a thing or two on ‘BFF’ day

Grade 1RC ‘BFF’ day

For any St Cyprian’s School families who would like to help bring immediate relief to members of the Knysna community, there is a truck leaving this evening, packing at 18:00, from The Unit, Victoria Junction, 72 Prestwich Street Green Point (021 4216500). Any items that would be helpful in this situation (such as non-perishables, clothing, blankets, water, nappies, etc) can be dropped off. There will be vehicles leaving tomorrow and next week as well.

Donations for the flood relief efforts can be dropped off in the St Cyprian’s School Library all of next week, and we will ensure that they are distributed to those Cape Town families most in need, via Gift of the Givers.

The Rubik’s Cube is a 3D twisty puzzle. Learn the beginner’s solution method memorizing only a few algorithms.

What our girls have been up to

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