May 26, 2017

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26 May 2017

Dear Preparatory School Parents and Guardians

For the past four weeks, during our annual Readathon, we have emphasized the wonderful activity of reading. Each week in our assembly we have recognised students who have read the greatest number of pages as well as the emergent readers who are making a special effort to read more or have begun to read, and have enjoyed the activity for the first time.

Reading has so many benefits for young and old; here we would like to highlight the positive effect reading has on a child’s academic progress and eventual success.

Reading advances the development of language ability and logical formulation. A child’s mother tongue proficiency and knowledge of the meanings of words are bolstered by reading. An extensive vocabulary and a broad general knowledge better equip students to respond to questions and tasks like school projects and creative and lateral thinking challenges.

Research on the topic of reading has revealed a direct correlation between attainment in language (and other subjects) and the personal reading habits of a student.

Therefore we should all encourage our children to read daily. Some might be reticent at first, but once they become more skilled and confident readers, discovering the hidden worlds of escape and entertainment found in good stories, have found a lifelong pleasurable pastime with which to enrich their lives. The truth is that good literature changes us and helps us gain knowledge and insight into life’s challenges.

In the commentary on the back of a paperback version of ‘A Fine Balance’ by Rohinton Mistry, I once read words which have stayed with me and revealed themselves to be true with every new work of fiction that I read: “…like all good fiction, it (this novel) transforms our understanding of life.”

Each of the works of fiction prescribed for study from Grade 4 to Grade 12 presents a strong moral code that guides our young readers along a voyages of discovery in which they meet memorable characters who both inspire and equip them to lead meaningful lives in an ever changing world.

Hephzibah Anderson refers to reading as “textual therapy”, or bibliotherapy, for the multitude of benefits in this activity. Entering into a fictional world helps us to relax and refuel; it acts as an efficacious stress reliever, as well as a little welcome escapism. Ms Anderson is a blogger and you may discover more pearls of wisdom from her writing on the subject of bibliotherapy.

Do remember that reading keeps your brain active: it is a source of new knowledge; a way to enlarge your active vocabulary; a memory exercise because there are an assortment of things to keep track of in a longer story. Every new memory creates new pathways in the brain, and amazingly enough, strengthens existing pathways, improving short-term memory and stabilising moods.

St Cyprian’s School library is a well-stocked facility, with a budget that allows new purchases all the time. There the students may bask in the glory of endless variety and will find reading material on a wide variety of subjects. The librarians have reading lists for every age group and grade and they are very knowledgeable about book titles to suit every taste. While reading from a library is low-budget entertainment, it has myriad spinoffs that money can’t buy.

Parents are encouraged to engage in “paired reading” with their children, each one taking a turn to read a page. Every child craves the exclusivity of such an activity with a significant adult in her life. The reading activity also provides material for discussion in the car, at the dinner table or at bedtime, knitting a closer relationship between parent and child.

Happy reading this winter.
Anita Couvaras – I.P. Head of English


Grade 4CS – Visit to Sakhumzi
The class felt it was a great experience to see how others learn. They were moved by the story of Queeny who was taken in by Mamma Amelia when she was only two days old. She is now giving back by looking after the little children. The girls mentioned that they noticed smiles on all the children’s faces.

Grade 4CS visit to Sakhumzi

Children at Sakhumzi


DERBY DAY- SATURDAY 27 MAY 08:00 – 12:30
This is a wonderful morning during which our netball and hockey teams play in a friendly round-robin tournament with a five other schools.

Schedules of play are available on the Sport website, accessible through Blue Sky.

SCS Teams participating:


U10A/ U11AB/ U12AB/U13AB
There will be delicious refreshments and food on sale for the duration of the festival. The Old Girls Union will also have supporters’ items on sale. Please come and support our school and girls who are playing.

Cross Country
The fourth cross country race of the season was held last Friday at the WPCC. Well done to all the girls who ran. There was a strong field of 90 -100 runners in each age group.

The top achievers, who came in the top 30 were as follows:-

U8: Emily Claassen, Abigail Claassen, Isabella Claassen, Juliette Cilliers, Cayleigh Charton and Isabella Leger

U9: Ella Dorrington (8)

U10: Lulu Bergström (14), Micayla Mockford (16), Ella ten Brink, Gianna Goodman-Bhyat

U11: Pippa Pieterse (5), Anablu Bergström (11) Selma Thomas and Josie McInnes

U12: Gemma Dorrington

U13: Savannah Voigt (10)


Participation Cup:

  1. Verinder
  2. Anderson
  3. Darke

Performance Cup:

  1. Verinder
  2. Darke
  3. Anderson

Grade Winners – TOP 3:

Grade 4: Lulu Bergström, Georgia Maw & Ella ten Brink
Grade 5: Annablu Bergström, Philippa Pieterse and Mikaila Stevens
Grade 6: Chloë Boswell, Julia Boehner, Gemma Dorrington
Grade 7 Lara Lowe, Frances Bolton, Savannah Voigt


Congratulations to the following U13 hockey girls who have made the WP S Zonal Teams. An OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT.

Well done, girls!

Zonal A- Isabella Dix-Peek 

Zonal B – Sophie Hanssen, Kiera Matthysen 
and Gabriella Stevenson

Netball & Hockey ‘Players of the Match’ are available on the Sport Website accessible through BLUE SKY on the ‘Websites’ tab.

Mrs te Water with Gabriela Stevonson and Emma-Rose Blacher of Verinder

U10 winners – Ella ten Brink, Lulu Bergström and Georgia Maw

U11 winners – Mikaila Stevens, Pippa Pieterse and Anablu Bergström

U12 winners – Gemma Dorrington, Chloe Boswell and Julia Boehner

Savannah Voigt, Lara Lowe and Frances Bolton

New Deputy house captain – Christina Thirion and Ms Callendar-Easby

Grade 7 English Reading project dioramas – Gabriela Stevenson – Diorama of a scene from The Small Miracle by Paul Gallico

Grade 7 English Reading project dioramas – Emma-Rose Blacher – Diorama of a scene from The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico

Grade 7 English Reading project dioramas – Sarah Neumann – Diorama of a scene from Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Grade 7 English Reading project dioramas – Hannah MacDonald – Diorama of a scene from The Small Miracle by Paul Gallico


Grade 1s made beautiful birds for Someone Special Day

Chiara Miglietta (2SU) made an amazing Picasso-inspired self- portrait

Avana Mdebuka (2SU) made a self-portrait that effectively echoes the Cubist style popular with Pablo Picasso

Taine Archbold (7BM) took inspiration from Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Foundation Phase Art club


Someone Special Day in Grade 1LPG

Sadie Kohne Gr 1LPG with her grandmother

Grade 1 on stage on Someone Special Day

Grade 2 on stage at Someone Special Day

Grade 3s performing at Someone Special Day

Grade 3IP at Someone Special Day

Grade 3LH at Someone Special Day

Grade 3AE at Someone Special Day

Grade 3s learning to measure in centimetres

Grade 6 Round Square Day – St Cyprian’s School, St George’s Grammar School and Bridge House
On 24 May it was the Round Square conference. We started the day by greeting the students from St George’s Grammar and Bridge House. Next we played a few games, did a fitness training/boot camp to interact and get to know our team mates.

We then took a hike up Table Mountain, at a clearing we were given a map to read in order to find controls as part of bonding with our team. Ms Davidson gave us only about 10 minutes before she blew the whistle to go on to our next task. We had to filter water using only our surroundings, that was great fun.

Our day ended too soon, we said goodbye to the students from St George’s Grammar and Bridge House.
by Olivia Samassa and Anna Cloete

Grade 6 Round Square Day

Grade 6 Round Square Day at Bridge House

Bridge House, St George’s Grammar School and St Cyprian’s School Round Square Day for Grade 6 at Bridge House

Various activities were done at the Round Square Day for Grade 6

Grade 7 English Reading project Dioramas

Emilia Brinkmann – Diorama of a scene from Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Great Readers of the week

What our girls have been up to

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