May 26, 2017

School-in-the-Woods Head’s Newsletter

26 May 2017

Dear “Woods” Family

Despite the somewhat disappointing turnout at our THRASS workshop last night, a lot of fun was had by all if the enthusiastic participation was anything to go by! Many thanks to all the parents who were able to attend this event and for all the kind words of thanks and appreciation which followed. I feel confident that the presentation went a long way in building greater understanding of, and support for this fantastic approach which we use to develop your daughters’ early Literacy skills.

The acronym THRASS, stands for the Teaching of Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills and was created by Alan Davies, an Educational Psychologist and Dyslexia specialist. The programme evolved after years of research work with thousands of children, adults and teachers. It is a multi-sensory approach which engages the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic pathways of the brain. This means that all learning styles are accommodated, thereby ensuring greater learning success for all learning profiles.

Language development is an enormous building block in the quest for learning to read, and THRASS promotes this component in a number of ways. The raps and songs enhance the girls’ auditory and sequential skills while the charts and cards provide a visual starting point for fun-filled activities which build phonological awareness, visual memory, discrimination and recall, to mention but a few. All this – amidst great fun and enjoyment. The very best way to learn!

THRASS provides fantastic material for cross-curricular integration of Literacy and Numeracy activities which ensures that learning is not compartmentalised but meaningful, dynamic and visible. The variety of art and craft activities which adorn our classrooms, passages and pin boards is evidence of this and my thanks go to my creative staff who provide the girls with these vibrant opportunities. These beautiful art activities and individual creations all illustrate the many skills which are fostered and developed every day and it is wonderful to hear the girls discussing one another’s work. Ask your daughters about their works of art – I feel sure you will be most entertained by their answers. Every piece tells a unique story.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend around a cosy fire or two as the hint of winter begins to settle in. May the long-awaited rain settle in too!

Kind regards
Joyanne West

HEAD: School-in-the-Woods

Gr R Drumming with dad
08:00 | Woods HallWEDNESDAY 14 JUNE
Gr 00 Drumming with dad
08:15 | Woods Hall

Gr 000 Drumming with dad
08:30 | Woods HallFRIDAY 16 JUNE
Public Holiday

Not long to go before Phase 1 of our refurbished “Bike Track” is opened for our girls to enjoy. This project has turned out to be a “money-eating monster” but we are very excited with the results thus far. I know how much the girls are going to love zooming around on the push bikes as well as exploring the newly created mini-amphitheatre and picnic areas. We plan to unveil this area in the first week of June.

Sight tests will be done in the week of the 7th of June.

Thought for the week:
The best teachers are those that show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.
Alexandra K. Trenfor

What our girls have been up to

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