July 31, 2017

Communications specialist McKinsey & Company

Nadine Moodie continues to celebrate the many people who went before her to lay the path she currently treads on. To whom much is given, much is expected — a principle she has come to embrace wholeheartedly. She works in the brand, risk, communications and consulting space at international firm McKinsey and Company. Here, she juggles many roles in her pursuit of assisting people realise their full potential. She also assists people in scaling their businesses and operation ventures in niche environments, namely arts and fashion.
Born in the Mother City, she attended St Cyprian’s School for Girls from the age of 12. This served as an inclusive space where her identity was embraced. She saw it as a space which ultimately prepared her for the world and some of its dynamics. It was in this environment she helped develop an ongoing initiative known as “The Girl-Child In Afrika” scholarship, along with her peers. It was a scholarship by the students, for the students, catering to their needs in an holistic manner. She also helped create the Kay Mason Foundation scholarships initiative, which has funded the education of over 200 young South Africans.
Choosing to study at the University of Stellenbosch was solidified after the MIA (Majuba Internal Alliance) incidents which occurred at the University in May 2004. She was determined to change racist perceptions entrenched in many at the time. She used her mixed background as a tool to serve as a bridge and communicate with all, helping parties to reach a consensus.
On her quest for lifelong learning, Nadine completed her BA in international studies at the University of Stellenbosch in 2008, followed by law and BPhil journalism in 2012.
Her parents are her earliest heroes. “They raised an individual to be of benefit to society,” she notes. “My parents are real symbols of hope, people who have arisen above their circumstances.” Her grandmother also taught her to turn ideas into business. Mentorship from colleagues has also played a pivotal role along her journey to date.
She has worked at Media 24 and Eyewitness News, where she was able to relay the stories of ordinary people, again serving as a bridge for people’s stories to be told.“I got to do stories that took me into the homes of people. I became part of people’s lives. Trust was important.” She concludes that even in the most dire of circumstances, people are inherently good at heart.
Passionate about the country and its people, she aims to serve as a bridge to help build a better South Africa for all.
— Leigh Wils

Article originally appeared in: http://200ysa.mg.co.za/2017/nadine-moodie/

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