February 11, 2019

Celebrating St Cyprian’s School Matric Results 2018

Summary of 2018 IEB Matric results

  Number of students %
Number of students who wrote 54  
Number of students who passed 54 100%
Bachelors passes achieved 54 100%
Number of A aggregates 11 20,3%
Number of B Aggregates 31 57,4%
Number of subject distinctions 135 35,3%


Top 1% of Candidates per subject

Name Subject
Holly Kane Design
Olivia Proudfoot Design
Karin Harrison Music
Cassidy Bachman Mathematical Literacy


A Aggregates

  • Proudfoot, Olivia
  • Andrew, Jessica
  • Groeneweg, Frederique
  • Bachmann, Cassidy
  • Harrison, Karin
  • Johnson, Luna
  • Bunney, Kara
  • Kane, Holly
  • Yuan, Vivienne
  • Aubin, Cameryn
  • Steward, Chloe


We are delighted with the IEB Matric results of 2018! The commitment of the students and dedication of their teachers was well rewarded with the highest percentage of subject distinctions (35,3%) achieved in the three years of the school writing the IEB National Senior Certificate Examination.

Our Matrics achieved a 100% Bachelor’s Pass and we celebrate numerous excellent achievements including 11 students achieving aggregate distinctions. Three subjects – History, Drama and isiXhosa – accomplished 100% distinctions. Special acknowledgements go to the following students:

  • Olivia Proudfoot attained 7 distinctions and was placed in the top 1% of all candidates for Design
  • Jessica Andrew and Frederique Groeneweg achieved 7 distinctions each
  • Holly Kane placed in the top 1% of all candidates for Design
  • Karin Harrison placed in the top 1% of all candidates for Music
  • Cassidy Bachman achieved 6 distinctions and was placed in the top 1% of all candidates for Mathematical Literacy

Three students achieved 7 distinctions each, 1 student achieved 6 distinctions, 5 students achieved 5 distinctions each and 7 students achieved 4 distinctions. There was a total of 135 subject distinctions. Of the 20 subjects examined, seven posted distinction aggregates!

It is pleasing to note that overall, St Cyprian’s School’s results were comfortably above the national IEB average – an affirmation that hard work pays dividends. Well done to the “girls in blue” and their dedicated teachers and thank you to parents for their support and encouragement.

What our girls have been up to

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