Building teamwork, developing dedication and igniting motivation.

Excellence in the sports arena is often associated with excellent academic performance, and sport is seen as a vehicle for the development of personal and collaborative leadership. We believe that sport supports the realisation of the school’s vision by building an aligned and engaged student body and creates a community of parents as they support their daughter’s teams.

We know that engagement in sport builds and establishes teamwork, develops dedication, ignites motivation and a desire for competition. It also engenders a respect for authority and fosters the ability to handle both elation and disappointment, while building resilience. And so our approach to sport at St Cyprian’s School underpins our philosophical educational framework.


At St Cyprian’s School, the approach to sport is two-fold:

  • an encouragement of participation to create life-long habits of exercise, health and wellness;
  • developing performance at high levels in the pursuit of excellence.

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Futsal
  • Indoor Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Water Polo
  • Cross Country
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Soccer


Our Approach

The LTAD Model

The implementation of the long-term athlete development model, designed to develop physical literacy by acquiring fundamental movement skills and age appropriate, sport-specific skills, has been instrumental in transforming sport at the school. Apart from developing skills, this approach enhances widespread participation and encourages a love of sport.

Pathway to Excellence

The School employs specialist coaches to ensure expert training for high level competition. Our ‘Pathway to Excellence Programme’ provides guidance to talented students to further develop their performance at top levels, and provides them with additional support in their pursuit of provincial and national representation.

Sport Academies

St Cyprian’s School Sport Academies offer opportunities for private, additional specialist sport-specific coaching by professionals which augments the school’s offer and strengthens its teams. Currently, St Cyprian’s School partners with external providers to offer enhanced training in athletics, hockey, netball, soccer, swimming and tennis.

The Arts

We are committed to encouraging our girls to engage in artistic pursuits through our dynamic Music, Drama and Visual Arts programmes. We consider these interests a vital cog in an overall education. The Arts help students to attain life skills, not only competencies in a specific artistic discipline.

Apart from being rewarding, The Arts draw on a range of skills and abilities that encourage the development of study, social, and personal skills in addition to specific artistic techniques. Involvement in the arts teaches students how to try new things, develop self-confidence, compassion and empathy, and how to manage risk and handle disappointments. It teaches students to celebrate the experience of learning, offering a multitude of options for expression and communication of ideas from a range of perspectives. These kinds of communication and problem-solving skills are key predictors of success throughout tertiary education and life.

Furthermore, a robust Arts programme in schools has the potential to cultivate a lifelong interest in the arts and in so doing, support the arts as a profession.


A strong and vibrant music department ensures that music plays a significant role in the life of the school.

Not only do our girls experience music through singing in chapel, assemblies and events, but there is also the opportunity for those wishing to pursue music as a subject, or as an interest, to take one-on-one instrument tuition. Such tuition is offered for all orchestral instruments as well as guitar and voice. A key focus is on ensemble playing where girls have the opportunity to enjoy making music together, and the annual Inter-House Arts Eisteddfod provides a showcase of these talents and more.

The ensemble opportunities include
  • Choir
  • Chamber Choir
  • Guitar Ensembles
  • Jazz Band
  • Marimba Bands
  • Orchestra
  • Rock Bands


‘Drama and theatre teach us about life and how to be human.’

We live in a digital age with ever growing emphasis on the development and use of technology. The inclusion of Drama and Theatre in the curriculum is so that we do not forget our humanity and our place in the world as individuals and social animals. Drama and Theatre focuses on human behaviour. The values and skills taught in Drama complements the innovative use of technology as well as serving as an antidote to the negative effects on our brains, bodies and social selves.

All students have the opportunity to participate in the annual Inter-House Play competition or in a bi-annual, major school production.

Art & Design

Art & Design advocates art, design and the ability to craft as useful, transforming and critical competencies that perform an integral role in society.

Our programmes engage and motivate students to make, discuss and evaluate visual and material culture while observing and identifying new directions in contemporary life. Technology is integrated in the Design programme, encouraging inventiveness and the ability to find solutions, thus marrying the aesthetic with efficacy.

Clubs & Societies

The aim of the co-curricular programme is to invite interest, excite passion and ignite action.

There are a number of Clubs and Societies flourishing at St Cyprian’s School. Some support the Round Square and Anglican foundations of the school and others relate to academic extension.

There are plenty of opportunities to pursue academic and specific interests: Astronomy, Debating, Computer Programming and League Chess are but a few. Community involvement groups, where partnership is the critical and under-pinning approach, include: Environmental Club, The Sunflower Centre Library Project and The Maths Project at Zonnebloem School. The offer is broad and participation in and membership of clubs and partnership programmes, is encouraged.

Academic/Interest Clubs
  • Art Open Studio
  • Astronomy Club (Jet Watch)
  • ‘Blue Ink’ Student Magazine
  • Chess (League)
  • Christian Union
  • Debating (League)
  • ‘Destination Imagination’ (Computer Programming)
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • Pulse (Academic Speakers)
Community Partnerships Programme
  • Environmental Club
  • In-House Community Club
  • Maitland Cottage Home
  • Observatory School Aftercare
  • The Bookery
  • Zonnebloem Peer Tutoring
Academic Approach
Boarding At Katherine House

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