Boarding at Katherine House

Katherine House remains a special gift to and of St Cyprian’s School. We offer weekly boarding for 55 girls from grade 8 through to 12. A tight community, the girls experience a positive sisterhood, led by caring, experienced staff and the Grade 12 student leadership team.

Boarding is particularly attractive to girls who immerse themselves in school life, who maximize school opportunities on campus and who wish to experience communal living.

The boarders represent a close, thriving community within the broader school community. Through the experience of boarding, they showcase independence, self-management, resilience and leadership. A strong academic culture is supported by evening prep in the library and by the independent work ethic they develop, often assisting and supporting one another. Co-operation, collaboration, communication and self-management are important 21st Century skills that we strive to develop and the boarding experience certainly seems to support the growth and organization of such skills.

Recent improvements and renovations to the bathrooms, the common room and other social spaces, as well as the establishment of an airy kitchen and dining room off the common room, have made Katherine House an inviting, warm ‘home from home’. Television, table tennis, a pool table, air-hockey table and a piano are just a few of the past-times the girls enjoy in the evenings.

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Gorge Road, Oranjezicht, Cape Town 8001
Tel: +27 21 300 6500 | Fax: +27 21 461 8473

Photography by Chad Henning Photography

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