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Welcome to our Always a Girl in Blue Alum Network, an inclusive and holistic meshwork that understands what it means to have once been immersed in and grown by St Cyprian's School's values, principles, and corridors. Here, we value each woman's relationship with the school, her experiences in school, and subsequently, as she practises independence and becomes the architect of her own life.

We recognise that school is not always the first place to run to once completed and that the school era is often a time and place to circumvent for a while before considering drifting slowly back to look, see and reflect. Always a Girl in Blue Network wishes to establish and maintain a directory of every graduate's journey since school. We want to share news, let you know what we're doing and how we're doing, organise networking events, and introduce you as exemplars to our current community.

By creating such a meshwork, we'll reconnect you with peers and the school and expand your professional connections. You'll be the first to hear of reunion activities, high days and holy days, events and all the views and news! If you're in a position to help us and support us financially or otherwise, there are numerous ways to get involved. The thing is, you'll be building a new connection with people who are completing the same school process that you have.

It is precisely this commonality that can carry a more significant impact than you might expect. No matter where you find yourself in the world, you have developed a shared vocabulary of experience and personal development through a values system, way of doing, and way of being. With that commonality, you know and trust each other, even though you've not met.

“ I am so proud of how St Cyprian’s has grown and yet retained that feeling of community and sisterhood. ” - Caroline Sadler (1973-1980)

We commit to changing the world one girl at a time.

For many, school is where time stands still, and when the chapter ends, life as we know it does, too. But, St Cyprian's School continues to offer an education that holds space for years after its prescribed time frame. We incubate dreams, talent and the future.

We hold on tightly to our mission and obligation to unearth and unlock each girl's potential to earn a place in the world and take up space; this is why the SCS uVule Fund is at the forefront of our 150-year vision. We are determined to continue the cycle of generational education. We are here not just for the women of today but for those who are yet to impact our future, forever. Like concentric circles, your actions have a ripple effect on your inner and outer spheres - knowing that your existence affects people you may never meet makes all the difference.

We celebrate you, our Alum, who have dared to push beyond your limits and conquer obstacles to create positive change. We invite you to join us on our journey to propagate the lifecycle of teaching not just for school but for life, of training not just for time but for eternity.

Diversity for Transformation

St Cyprian's School raises funds through the SCS uVule Fund, an independent, legal entity that enables the collection of funds to support the school's strategic vision. Its role is to assist the school in implementing two imperatives, The Built Environment Pathway and the Diversity & Transformation Pathway. To find out more, click here.

Often grateful alums become generous philanthropists. Small or large donations, once-off or ongoing, can fund life-changing scholarships. In addition, your donations support our updates to facilities and advancement in teaching.

One Girl at a Time Endowment Fund

For many, school is where time stands still, and when the chapter ends, life as we know it does, too. But, St Cyprian's School continues to offer an education that holds space for years after its prescribed time frame. We incubate dreams, talent and the future.

St Cyprian's School's approach to developing a home-grown scholarship programme is premised on its commitment to providing a holistic education and developing social capital within our girl community. These precepts are fundamental to the successful outcome for students of a financial aid programme. In addition, the school has long been committed to growing diversity, facilitating inclusion and belonging, and delivering a high standard of education that sets up our prospective alumnae for meaningful choice and success as adults.

While St Cyprian's cannot solve the country's multiple socio-economic and educational issues, the school is confident of its transformative contribution to education. St Cyprian's has significant wherewithal, wisdom and capacity to create and extend opportunities to young women to grow in an arena that builds excellence in all who attend the school. Through this application, we can reframe access, effect redress, and deliver an outstanding education.

We aim to encourage and nurture young women in developing agency, self-determination, self-management, intellect, dignity, and their voice to become active global citizens through the One Girl at a Time Endowment Programme (OGT). Such empowerment prepares young women to use their knowledge to impact positively on the lives of women in their broader community, growing and strengthening the circumstances of others.

OGT is a comprehensive and personal development programme that provides affirmation in academic leadership, mentorship and personal growth (self-actualisation) while simultaneously offering financial, emotional and personal support to the student. We intend to prioritise the individual – student-centric – and her requirements, considering her unique circumstances while providing comprehensive academic support throughout her school years.


100s & 1000s

The impact of small contributions spread among 100s and 1000s of alum emphasises that small generosities combined can fortify our mission to deliver our promise. Like the tiny, colourful specks of delight scattered across cakes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For every 100 donations, 1000s fill up the endowment fund.

We like to imagine extraordinary outcomes. So we are gathering 100 alum annually to each offer a generous donation of R1000. As the name suggests, the contributions can be “sprinkled” throughout the year to suit your budget.


Matric Legacy Fund

For many, education comes at a cost, but when gifted, it is priceless. We invite Matric parents to leave a gift behind for those who are next to walk through the gates of SCS and, ultimately, the gates of spectacular possibility for our future Girls In Blue.

The SCS Matric Legacy Fund was launched to the Class of 21. The initiative, which feeds directly into the One Girl at a Time Endowment, intends to become an annual tradition that provides families who wish to leave a mark on the school the opportunity to engage in a parent-school partnership at the end of their daughters' journeys. Whether your stay was five years, twelve years, and in some instances, fifteen, we know that there's a perspective and wisdom that comes at the end of school careers, along with nostalgia, goodwill, and a desire to give back and contribute to the school's future. Every gift has a powerful impact on our young women. Your support is received with gratitude.


MySchool Card

When you swipe your MySchool card, a student’s full potential is unlocked. The funds raised through the MySchool card initiative are critical in ensuring inclusive and holistic education.

Music lessons, medical appointments, and matric dance dresses contribute to a fully-fledged education. We recognised a need for additional funding to deliver these components to our bursary and scholarship students. The funds raised through the MySchool card initiative are critical in ensuring inclusive and holistic education.


Music Centre

Music continues to contribute to the soul of St Cyprian’s School and the extraordinary growth in student numbers taking up instruments for pleasure or in-depth study and mastery. We hope to repurpose Belmont House and the Nussbaum Building to create a distinct music facility from which the entire school can benefit.


Expanding Katherine House

Plans are afoot to develop a fit-for-purpose boarding house for the school on land that abuts the pre-preparatory school. The demand for boarding is increasing, and Katherine House is bursting at the seams. In addition, the move would free up much-needed space in the high school for classroom redevelopment.


Direct Deposits

Should you wish to make a direct deposit into the SCS uVule Fund, please use the banking details below:

Account Number: 1216812063
Branch Code: 198765
Please add your name + reference campaign, e.g. 100s and 1000s or no preference.

Connecting with Purpose: Mentorship and Mutual benefit

In a time when we are more digitally connected than ever, we hope to connect alum with purpose.

Thriving networks reap the advantage of sharing knowledge that forms headway for more significant opportunities. Our relationships began in a small space, but the expansion of our network is global. So wherever you are on your personal or professional journey, we hope to help you develop stronger interpersonal relations post-school, varsity, or while discovering your next move. While we hope to maximise professional connections, the value of forming friendships and connecting through mentorship is often overlooked. Through shared experiences, we want to help develop these bonds.

Our online community is critical to keeping members engaged and informed (find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin). In addition, we want to bring together students and professionals with common professional and career interests, where alum can share their wealth of experience and skills with current students via talks and submissions to our newsletters.

Alums can reconnect and nurture relationships based on interests and identities, participate in meaningful discussions and share knowledge and experiences. Our preferred platform is LinkedIn - the gateway to rekindling and cultivating existing peer connections into professional relationships.

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