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About the Pre-Preparatory School (School-in-the-Woods)

A safe, happy, and creative learning environment for your daughter

Every parent knows how critical the choice of their child’s first school can be. After all, it is the very first step in the educational process that will eventually lead into the wider world.

It is with this in mind, St Cyprian’s School Pre-Preparatory School or “School-in-the-Woods” as it is more affectionately known, offers a stimulating learning environment that encourages development of the individual child.

At the School-in-the-Woods, we aim to equip each child with the cognitive, physical, emotional, social, language, aesthetic and spiritual skills necessary for a happy confident start to school life.

Classes are open to girls from 3 to 6 years of age. All classes, which are grouped according to age, run from Monday to Friday from 08.30am to 12.30pm and each class is deliberately kept small, with no more that 24 pupils per class.

Each day follows a familiar pattern of work, play, interaction, music, pre-numeracy skills and creativity. Each class has a well-qualified teacher, as well as an assistant, and all our staff have been carefully chosen for their experience, qualifications, enthusiasm, creativity and quality of care.

Our award-winning, architect-designed school offers a safe, happy and creative learning environment in which children take part in a myriad of interesting activities ranging from baking and ball skills to art, movement and music. Extra-mural activities are also many and varied and include ballet, play-ball, mini-gym, pottery and many others.

The school is set in a child-friendly, landscaped garden environment in which children are encouraged to play and learn, using sand, water, balls, scooters and carts as well as climbing equipment.

Of special interest to working parents is our Aftercare facility which is located within the School-in-the-Woods and is available each day from 12.30pm until 17.20pm. Children can bring a pre-packed lunch which is eaten under careful supervision of the class teachers. Holiday care is also available to those requiring this.

Because care and consideration for others is part of the St Cyprian’s School tradition, Pre-Preparatory School children participate in specially age-appropriate Chapel services where they are encouraged to remember those less fortunate that themselves.

The atmosphere within the Pre-Preparatory School is friendly, affectionate and stimulating. A number of events take place throughout the year, including dress-up picnics, candle-lit storey-telling evenings and fairs. Other delightful traditions include Someone Special Day, the Ballet Concert and the annual Nativity Play.



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