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About the Preparatory School

St Cyprian’s Preparatory School (Grades 1 – 7)

A vibrant learning environment with a strong sense of purpose

Childhood is a time of great social and emotional development, physical growth, curiosity, exploration and learning. The early years of schooling are critical in laying a foundation for the development of confident, successful and enthusiastic lifelong learners.

St Cyprian’s Preparatory School is a vibrant learning environment with a strong sense of purpose. It is a community of dedicated children, teachers, parents and staff who work together to create a happy, nurturing environment in which to learn. Teachers strive to find the best in each child and, as a result, students are enthusiastic and energetic in their daily work.

Aftercare Facility

To cater for the well-being of the pupils whose parents work full day, an Aftercare facility is provided for Grade 1 – 3 learners where meals can be provided at lunch time and extra-mural attendance is supervised. A Prep class is held in the afternoons for any girl who needs to do her homework before she goes on to other activities.

The Preparatory School is a welcoming environment. We invite interested families to tour our school by calling for an appointment. The children and adults who are a part of this community are proud of the school and hope you will visit.



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