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St Cyprian´s High School

Creating Future Leaders

St Cyprian´s School is a leadership development school. Through the opportunity and the provision of specific development programmes, leadership skills are identified, recognized, channeled and honed. The principles that underpin our leadership programme are two-fold - servant leadership is key, and leadership can be developed. At Matric level there are a number of Leadership portfolios, each with a Head of portfolio, and all girls are part of a leadership team.

The High School aims to provide a learning environment that facilitates individual growth to maximize potential in a number of spheres: academic, sporting, cultural, environmental and service.

The School’s academic programme is designed to develop critical and creative thinkers who embrace the concepts of initiative and possibility. Our goal is to develop young women who will make a difference in the world and become confident, competent and caring leaders of today and the future.

Our teachers are highly qualified and committed to achieving a high academic standard through best teaching practice within a supportive and stimulating environment, where each individual is valued and respected.

The programmes for the first years of the High School, years 8 to 10, are especially designed to widen and deepen each girl´s knowledge and to develop her skills. In years 11 and 12, while the girls are still developing their talents and areas of interest, they are clarifying their directions and working towards their final Matric examinations.



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