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Capital Development Levy

Some years ago the St Cyprian’s School Council embarked on a path that would ensure our educational relevance well into the 21st century. It has become evident that, grand and imposing as the historical buildings of the school are, the infrastructure is inadequate to meet the needs of the modern curriculum. That is how the “Creating Future Leaders” capital development project was born.

Launched in November 2008, the capital development plan revealed the school’s strategy to spend a total of R60 million over three phases. The project would be funded from a combination of loan finance, fund raising, with the majority to be financed from a focused fund-raising campaign.

Being very aware of the tough economic conditions and the personal sacrifices that many parents have to make to ensure that their girls can be educated at St Cyprian’s School, it was with extreme reluctance that the decision to increase the compulsory capital levy was taken. The raise of the capital levy is our only option at present, besides suspending the school’s building project. If this happens we will lose the momentum and sense of purpose and achievement that has been generated over the last year in particular, and it could be a few years before the project can be re-launched.  A huge amount has been achieved during 2009 but there is still a lot that needs to be completed.

The impact of the increase in the capital levy will differ dependent upon your daughter’s grade and the number of children that you have at the school. The increased levy will be reviewed from time to time and alternative payment options are available to parents who prefer to pay the levy upfront. The range of the parents’ increased contribution per child ranges from R375 to R700 per term over and above the school fees, and capital levy initially published for the year. The full details of the capital levy and the personal impact on you is explained in the downloadable documents on this page.

Please be aware that the capital levy is exclusively used to fund building and capital projects and will not be swallowed up in funding the day-to-day operations of the school. The extent of the increase in the levy has been carefully calculated to fund the planned capital expenditure during 2010 and will be used solely for this purpose.




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