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Round Square

About Round Square - Preparing young people for life through service, challenge, adventure and international understandingSt Cyprian´s School is a member of the Round Square (www.roundsquare.org), a prestigious worldwide association of schools, which share a commitment,...more

Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships - Community Partnership work at St Cyprian’s School aims to sensitize our learners to  various national (and international) issues like poverty, cruelty to animals, hunger, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, and others. This awareness begins at...more

Hosting International Students

Internationalism - As a Round Square Member School, every year St Cyprian´s School hosts a number of grade 10 exchange students from our partner schools around the globe. The exchange students spend one full term at our...more

International Exchange

International Exchange - International exchange is one of the biggest highlights for our Grade 10 girls. Every year a number of grade 10´s are given the opportunity to spend a term in one of the other 75...more

The President´s Award

The President´s Award - The President’s Award is a personal challenge to young people from age 14 – 25 to go beyond themselves and into their communities through 4 key areas: service, sports, skills and...more


Environmental - The ethos of Round Square is actively integrated within the school’s formal academic curriculum from Grade 4 to 11. Each grade has a theme which is incorporated into the academic work of the classroom.Examples of the...more




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