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Clubs / Societies

Clubs / Societies - BLUE INK - Student Magazine FILM CLUB - Film Studies, Enrichment and History PULSE - Current Affairs Society Culture ART - Art Club MUSIC -...more


Music at St Cyprian´s School - The Music Department is situated in Belmont House, an Edwardian house, which previously served as a nursery school and a staff hostel. The newly built Nussbaum Hall adjoins the house and...more

Art and Design

Art & Design - Art is an important part of the holistic educational approach on which St Cyprian’s School prides itself. Art is introduced in the Preparatory School and is compulsory up to Grade 8. In Grade 9...more

Public Speaking

Public Speaking - We live in a world where freedom of expression is theorder of the day. At St Cyprian´s School we follow the tradition of training our learners to air their opinions with confidence. We also train...more


Ballet at St Cyprian’s School Classes for pupils from ages 4 to 18 take place in the beautiful studio in the School-in-the- Woods. Susan deMoyencourt has been teaching ballet at St Cyprian´s School since 1997. She holds the...more




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